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Posted by Best Aerial Photos, LLC on 05/09/2022

Best Aerial Photos LLC | Who can benefit from aerial photos?

Realtors – Make your listing stand out and sell it faster!

Builders – Get a bird’s eye view for site selection, layout, and construction progress monitoring.

Attorneys – For boundary disputes, see what the property looks like today, rather than using a 3 month old satellite image.

Solar companies – Market your solar business with aerial photos of your projects. They look stunning!

Media – Need aerial photos or video for an upcoming story?

Event planners – Have an outdoor Wedding coming up? Aerial photos and video can capture the memories from an entirely new perspective.

City planners – Planning to build a new park? Or, maybe a series of sports fields? We’ve got you covered.

Farmers – For monitoring of your fields or greenhouses, get some low altitude aerial photography done.

Yacht sales/owners – Selling a yacht? Or just want photos of it in action on the high seas?

Disaster Relief/search and rescue – Storm damage assessment and coastline rebuilding. We did this after Hurricane Sandy.

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